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nuMotus Direct


netUP nuMotus Direct is a customer hosted solution to enable transfers between multiple destinations.The nuMotus Direct platform can manage, control and monitor all transfers internally or externally to the customer.

How does it Work?

The nuMotus Direct solution is installed at the customer site. It consist of a Transfer Engine, a Database Server and a Master Server inside the trusted network. The internal Transfer engine communicates to a Transfer engine inside the DMZ, which in turn connect to the third party endpoints. At each endpoint a light nuMotus agent is installed. The customer must then ensure that ports 8022 and 8282 are open to netUP services and the agent will automatically establish the connection to the nuMotus Direct service. The destination path is defined and the business rules defined for sending and receiving files. Send – and receive directories are automatically created during installation and as soon as a file is placed in the send directory, the process will automatically transfer the file to the defined destination. Visa versa for incoming files. A browser based screen is available to the customer to monitor the status of all transfers.


  • Full control of data, data formats and data switching
  • Full end to end encrypted transfers
  • Unlimited 3rd party and internal connection
  • Unlimited file sizes
  • Multiple protocols can be handled
  • On-time installation and automated update of agent
  • Business rules based on file events and fully managed
  • Full monitoring of all endpoints
  • Each file is tracked
  • Notifications
  • High Availability
  • Can act as Gateway
  • Facilitates Compliance (e.g. PCI DSS, POPI)
  • Assist in Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Web UI’s

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netUP nuMotus Direct Basic Architecture

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