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More about netUP


netUP is the largest MFT provider in sub-Sahara Africa.

World Wide

Your files are transferred securely, to any location world-wide


We can transfer your file in any format, using a wide variety of methods


netUP is an South African software and services company with over 100 years combined experience in providing secure transfers, payment options and development.

netUP is staying abreast of development and is a core enabler of the fourth industrial revolution, through:
– Machine-to-Machine communication
– Internet of Things (IoT)
– Digitization

We are the security enabler to future proof your company

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Managed file transfers (MFT) and automation

Payment and Bureau services

Software Development and consulting services

Staff augmentation

Cutting Edge file transfers enabled through the nuMotus solution suite

nuMotus Direct

nuMotus Direct

netUP nuMotus Direct is a customer hosted solution to enable end to end encrypted transfers between multiple destinations.The nuMotus Direct platform can manage, control and monitor all transfers internally or externally to the customer.

Ensuring the continuity of mission-critical business operations through the secure and reliable transfer of data.

nuMotus Cloud

nuMotus Cloud

nuMotus FileUP

nuMotus FileUP

nuMotus FileRunner

nuMotus FileRunner

netUP MFT resolves challenges by

  • Providing high levels of security with state of the art end-to-end encryption of data
  • Ensuring availability of files in a user friendly environment
  • An operational dashboard with alerts when a problem is detected
  • An executive dashboard for a smart overview
  • Easily maintainable with a small technical team vs. competetors
  • Compliant with government and industry regulations
  • Leveraging off your current investment


netUP Partnered with Debitech. Debitech is a registered bureau with the South African Payments Association (PASA) and is SO and TPPP certified.
With Debitech you can do:
– Account holder verification (AHV)
– Account holder verification – real time (AVSR)
– Payments
– Debit orders (Same day, two day)
– Mandate uploads– File conversion to all banking format
– Visit Debitech website

netUP Account Holder Verification (AHV) is the process where account details of customers can be verified by the banks to ensure that the details are correct prior to processing any transactions to the accounts. The netUP nuMotus AHV process is sponsored by Absa Bank

netUP nuMotus nuView is a service that netUP provides to assist credit card merchants to reconcile their point-of-sale (POS) transactions to the actual transactions processed by the bank. The reconciliation of these two ends have proven very difficult for the merchants as the total amounts sent and totals processed never seem to tie up.

The file conversion layer is either created at the customer or at destination and is outside the file transfer process. The conversion program is set up for specific client requirements to conform to some industry required layout, e.g. for a bank.

Telecommunication services

Information Technology


Financial Services

Insurance & Assurance


Bureau & Payment Systems


Food, Leisure & Hospitality

Sport & Entertainment



Manufacturing & Produce

Legal, Accounting & Debt collection

Our clients include a variety of multi-national and domestic companies

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