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About Us


netUP was formally established in 2008 and have combined experience of more than 40 years in the data transfer field.  We have a team of dynamic, passionate people who are extremely customer focussed.

  • We have a very good understanding of managed file transfers (MFT)
  • We are customer focussed.
  • All software is locally developed in South Africa.
  • In accordance with South African legislation we are fully BEE compliant.


netUP is built on the following core values:

  • Integrity: Show integrity in all our actions when dealing with colleagues and customers
  • Response:  Respond fast and efficient to any enquiry and request
  • Listen:  Always listen to what the customer wants
  • Best Interest:  Always have the customers’ best interest at heart when dealing with the customer or one of the customers’ third parties

Driven on the back of our core values we want to be the preferred provider of automated connectivity for all types of businesses, from large to small.  We have a current established client base across the spectrum.

We provide any size business with a tailor-made solution that is robust to perform, monitor and manage secure inter-business data transmission.


netUP provides the nuMotus software suite that consists of four products.  netUP nuMotus Direct (for installations and direct management and monitoring at the client site – use by larger organisations); netUP nuMotus Cloud (for monitoring and management remotely via the internet cloud – used by medium – and small organisations); netUP nuMorus fileUP for ad hoc transfers and netUP nuMotus nuView for credit card mechant data.  More information available under the PRODUCTS section.

We can also provide managed services solution, for larger organisations, where we not only install the nuMotus Direct platform, but actually put the staff on-site to run and managed the process on their behalf.

At netUP we also have an accomplished development team for any type of development.


The following is a summary of the benefits our solutions provide our clients:

  • Works with existing operating systems and connections (i.e. dial-up; ADSL; 3G; 3G+)
  • No geographical dependency – client can be anywhere in the world
  • Takes the pain out of data transmission and allows the client to concentrating on it’s core business
  • Web-based front end for adhoc services
  • Call centre support and tracking through Service Desk tickets
  • Rapid implementation/take-on of new third parties
  • Scalable pricing to suit your needs
  • DR/High availability capabilities


“We will move data beyond your expectations”

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